Due to the demand for pups from our kennel, advanced reservations and EARLY deposits are strongly advised. We produce approximately 50 pups per season, and receive over 1000 inquiries each year (about 3 per day) from around the world.


MalinGer's My Good Fortune CGN




'Aria' is a lovely well balanced female, who loves to work. She has excellent structure and is great with people and especially other dogs. She is calm in the house (when her needs have been met), and  is high drive when working. 'Arco' is an import we have been using for a few years in our program. He is very social with people and other dogs. He has produced very balanced dogs excelling in many disciplines, including SAR, Detection, and competitive sports. This pairing should make excellent sports dogs of all kinds, SAR and active companions.


Summer 2019

Pups Born Sept 5th.

5M 5F

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